20 Things to Do at the Beach This Summer

Going to the beach for summer vacation is one of America’s greatest pastimes. Myrtle Beach offers a number of great amenities and activities, but there are a few things about going to the beach that are universal, whether you’re visiting Myrtle Beach, Garden City Beach, Surfside Beach, or any other beach along the Grand Strand.

20 things to do at the beach


Here’s everything you should plan to do at the beach on your next vacation:

  1. Walk barefoot in the sand
  2. Get a tan
  3. Swim in the ocean
  4. Collect seashells
  5. Eat some fish
  6. Build a sandcastle
  7. Sleep in late
  8. Make a sand angel
  9. Take a nap on the beach
  10. Go for a beach stroll
  11. Watch the sunrise
  12. Watch the sunset
  13. Walk down the pier
  14. Eat ice cream
  15. Play volleyball
  16. Toss a Frisbee around
  17. Go shopping
  18. Spot a dolphin in the water
  19. Go fishing
  20. Relax!

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