10 Questions to Ask About a Pet Friendly Rental

From large chains hotels to vacation homes, more and more lodgings are opening their doors to people traveling with their pets. Some places will allow all kinds of animals — cats, rabbits, even reptiles, but for most, pet-friendly means dog-friendly. But just what friendly means is often up to interpretation. It’s important to find out early on how “pet friendly” is defined in the Garden City Beach pet friendly vacation rentals you’re considering.

Many Garden City Beach pet friendly vacation rentals fully outline their pet policies on their websites. The tone and amount of information provided can be a good indicator of just how pet-friendly they are! Following are questions to ask before you book dog-friendly lodging.

1. Do you have size or breed restrictions?
2. Are there additional fees?
3. Where are your dog-friendly rooms located and are they non-smoking?
4. Are there places nearby to walk the dog?
5. Do you need to see proof of vaccination?
6. Are there restricted areas on the property?
7. Are there dog walkers/sitters in the area?
8. Do you provide the bowls/crates/beds?
9. How many dogs do you allow?
10. Are there dog-friendly attractions in the area?

Traveling with your dog can be a whole lot of fun. Asking the right questions and planning ahead will ensure that your adventures go off without a hitch with regards to the accommodations. We have a wide array of Garden City Beach pet friendly vacation rentals for you to choose from regardless of whether you want oceanfront, ocean view, 2nd row or 3rd row. Give us a call today or look on our website for what we have available.

Vacationing With Your Pets

If you are like the majority of pet owners, you consider your pet to be part of the family. That makes it really painful to leave your pet at a boarding facility when you go away on a vacation. You already know your pet likes having fun and sharing exciting experiences with you. Most people don’t realize that it’s not all that difficult to find Surfside Beach pet friendly vacation rentals where your pet is welcome to stay with you.

Luckily, more and more of our Surfside Beach pet friendly vacation rentals allow pets to stay in rentals with their owners. Call ahead and ask when making reservations. Some properties do charge a small additional fee for pets staying in the rental. This is understandable when considering the time involved in cleaning pet hair from the furniture.

If your pet is accustomed to having a special bed or blanket to sleep on, then bring it along. This makes your pet feel more "at home" and comfortable in the new surroundings. Pets know where they are supposed to lie down because they have their familiar item to designate the space that is "theirs." If your pets are crate trained, you have the perfect "luggage" to bring along.

For the most part, pets are happy just being with you. With days full of exploring, you will both sleep well in our Surfside Beach pet friendly vacation rentals when the day has come to an end and wake up ready to experience the next new day filled with experiences you can share.

Sweet Deals On Beach House Rentals

It’s not too late to catch special rates on some of our Garden City Beach house rentals — This sweet home sits oceanfront on South Waccamaw Drive in Garden City Beach.

SAVE 10% OFF! Reservations made in September for available arrival September 24 – October 2,  receive the following discounts: September 24 – October 2, 2011 10% OFF the advertised rate?* Applies to new reservations only. Please Note: All offers will be considered contact the office for more Information.

Brand new in 2005 it boasts a private pool built into the oceanfront deck and they keep it heated seasonally for an additional fee. There’s an oceanfront sun deck on the second level with an accessible half bath and kitchen area access. This home, like many of our other Garden City Beach house rentals, is professionally decorated and has an inverse floor plan. The oceanfront master suite has a Jacuzzi. There’s ceiling fans, washer/dryer, fully equipped kitchen, and business class high speed wireless internet.

Beach access is on a private walkway from the house. There’s covered parking for 4 and additional paved parking for 2 more cars. You’ll have plenty of space in this huge, 2,900 square foot home. Sorry, no pets or smoking is permitted.

We have a large variety of Garden City Beach house rentals to choose among, from oceanfront and oceanview to 2nd and 3rd row homes and would be happy to show any of them to you.

Some area events you might be interested in:
Sept. 16 from 7-9 p.m. Sounds of Summer Concert Series, “Fantastic Shakers (Beach)” McLean Park, North Myrtle Beach.
Sept. 16-26, SOS Fall Migration at Grand Strand/No. Myrtle Beach.
Sept. 18 to Oct. 2,  Pawleys Island Festival of Music & Art, Litchfield Plantation on Pawleys Island, SC.

Enjoy a Different Kind of Vacation

Surfside Beach house rentals

Experience another kind of vacation without the hassles of checking in to hotels. Enjoy your own backyard and living spaces without strangers milling about. Surfside Beach house rentals are some wonderful houses that are rented out to vacationers. Our website provides availability and rental prices on these homes.

There are many luxurious Surfside Beach house rentals where you can spend your time in coastal South Carolina in style. These houses are fully equipped and furnished for your comfort. You can choose from among spacious modern style houses to country-like Mediterranean architecture. Of course prices depend on location, the style of the house, and the number of people it can accommodate.

Many stunning house rentals are located right on the beach, so you can get your tan right in your “backyard”. Other homes are located more inland, near shopping, dining, entertainment, and sports areas. If you love nature, there are houses you can rent located along the marshes and canals where you’ll discover an abundance of wildlife.

If part of your itinerary is to visit many places, then get Surfside Beach house rentals near the major highways and be sure to rent a car for your convenience.

Before booking a vacation house, be sure you understand the limitations and guidelines set by the owner. There are owners who prohibit smoking inside the house, for example. Some homes are pet-friendly while others are not. There’s also owners who forbid over a certain number of people because they don’t want parties being held there. Better to know these details than pay extra later for overlooking them.