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Beach Activities for Cold Weather


Beach time is always a great time, even when it’s chilly, and there are plenty of beach activities for cold weather. If the temperatures have dropped, but you’re still wanting to book that oceanfront rental for a family beach trip, don’t worry. Even with colder temps, here are three activity ideas your whole family will enjoy:

Inside Game Tournament

Before leaving for your trip to the beach, pack all of your favorite board games and card games.  Then, head to your local discount store and buy some bags of candy and anything else that can be handed out as a prize.

Once you’ve reached your destination, use any downtime to play some games tournament style. If you’ve got a large family, divide into teams. Tally the winners of each game and at the end of the trip crown the winner with the prizes you bought!

Hot Chocolate and Cookie Night

Staying in a beach rental gives you the luxury of a full kitchen. Use it to your advantage! Make some hot chocolate filled with marshmallows and whip cream then throw some cookies in the oven that you can decorate with icing, sprinkles and anything else your hearts desire. Once you’ve got your hot chocolate and warm cookies in hand, head out to the porch with some blankets and do some star-gazing.


Hot Soup Picnic

Once again, take advantage of that full kitchen. Make some of your kids favorite hot soup, then head out to the beach for a picnic. Once you’re done with the soup, add a football or soccer ball to the mix for a fun family sports tournament. The soup and the running around is sure to heat you up in no time!

No matter what time of year it is, the beach is always a great place to create lasting family memories. Check out some of our awesome family-friendly beach rentals and make your dream beach vacation come true!

Surviving Winter in Our Affordable Surfside Beach Winter Rentals

While the northern states are cold and buried under snow and ice already this year, there are many people just itching to escape to some place warm for the winter. We get it! That’s why we’re always sure to have a good selection of affordable winter rentals in Surfside Beach and Garden City Beach at this time of year.

Escape winter in our toasty warm and affordable winter rentals in Surfside BeachSpending your winter here means staying warm and spending the rest of winter on the golf courses, perfecting your game. It also means endless hours of window shopping, beach combing, and leisurely bicycle riding. There’s just truly no better way to spend the long winter. No matter how long you want to stay here, our low off-season rates can provide the accommodations that will be just perfect.

While you’re here you can spend your time soaking in a Jacuzzi, swimming in indoor pools or just hanging out and reading some good books. Winter doesn’t get much warmer than what you’ll find right here. With more than 1,800 restaurants where you can dine, you’ll have everything you could possibly desire. For your nights, enjoy dinner theatre and the many shows always taking place at Alabama Theatre, Carolina Opry, and the Palace Theatre.

We have many people that come to stay with us from January through March every year. They’re fondly known as “Snow Birds” and they “fly” north when the weather warms up again. They have a network of friends here that they get together with every year after their arrival. From meeting to play golf, shuffleboard, pickleball and arrange potluck dinners with card games, they’re a very social group individuals and are always open to faces to welcome into their circle.

With rentals available at low off-season rates during the winter months it’s no wonder so many people wait until now to come to coastal South Carolina. There’s far less traffic to contend with and the beaches are sparsely populated. It’s just a wonderful time to be here. Take a moment to view our winter rentals on our website and you’re sure to find the perfect accommodations to help you make it through the winter months this year too!