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4 Reasons to Rent a Beach House for Your Next Beach Vacation


Beach vacations are always a blast. Sand, sun and family time. What could be better? Booking a beach rental can upgrade your beach vacation from an 8 to an outstanding 10!

Sometimes the beach can tire you out, especially if you have children.

Spend too much time at the beach during the day and you just might find that the sun can become overbearing and the sand can become a nuisance. Having a beach rental can solve all of this!

Instead of spending hours upon hours at the beach, you can spread it out and go periodically throughout the day. This means you can go to the beach for a few hours in the morning, walk the rental for lunch, relax, head back out and then finish the day floating the pool!


Everyone gets their own space.

Having a beach rental also means everyone can have their own space which is especially great for babies and kids. Family time is great, but sometimes everyone needs a little time to do their own thing whether this is read a book, watch TV or play. This keeps moods in check and makes family time that much better!

Cut down on meal expenses.

If you have a large family, going out to eat during vacation can become expensive. Utilizing a beach rental means you have a full kitchen that you can utilize for breakfast, lunch and dinner, cutting vacation costs tremendously.

Enjoy your vacation as a family without the noisy distractions.

Beach vacations aren’t just for families which means in typical hotel scenarios, you can find yourself surrounded by college kids in the pool or noisy groups that make getting a good night’s sleep impossible. By getting a beach rental, you cut down on the distractions and spend more time fully enjoying your vacation as a family.


Make your beach vacation the best one yet and book your family a beach rental. If you have questions about which rental is best for you, reach out to our staff–we’d love to help you find the perfect fit!

Our Rentals Hold Groups of Any Size

beach house rentals in Garden City BeachIf you’re scheduling a group trip to the South Carolina area this spring or summer you’ll want to talk to us at Seaside Rentals about beach house rentals in Garden City Beach. Don't miss out on what we have to show you. We have specials running all summer long and great deals on select properties.

The Myrtle Beach and nearby Garden City Beach areas are wonderful destinations for family reunions, weekend getaways, weddings, church groups and business retreats, just to name a few. We have plenty of beach house rentals in Garden City Beach where the accommodations will be perfect for your group of any size.

The area is home to dozens of sites on the National Register of Historical Places so it's an awesome place to tour if you’re into history. There are numerous entertainment venues, such as dinner shows, concert arenas, amusement parks, vineyards, spas and museums that your group is sure to love. Don't miss Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet when you're here! Beach house rentals in Garden City Beach will have you close to all of these activities and more.

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