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How to Plan the Perfect Beach Date

If you’ve watched any chick flick, you know that there’s nothing more romantic than a date on the beach. While the ocean makes a fantastic background for a date, there are a lot of factors involved in executing the perfect beach date. We’ll break it down for you:

Planning The Perfect Beach Date

Check the Weather

Nothing ruins an outdoor date fast than bad weather. Be sure you consult the weatherman to ensure you pick a picture perfect day.

Pack a Picnic

You’re sure to get extra points from your date for packing a cute picnic lunch. Pack easy-to-eat foods, like sandwiches or pizza (nothing that requires utensils).

Look up the Sunset Time

Sunset over the ocean, is there anything romantic? Make sure you’re picking the perfect time of day by doing a little research and finding out what time the sun is supposed to set so you can plan accordingly.

Learn the Tide Schedule

At some places on the coast during high tide the beach can completely disappear. Do a little research on your ideal spot and check to make sure the tide won’t be a hindering factor for your date.

Bring a Jacket

Remember that beaches can be very windy! If you’re planning on holding the date during the evening, you should consider bringing a jacket (yes, even in the summer!) to avoid chill and discomfort from the wind.

Want to turn your beach picnic into a full on beach getaway? Contact Seaside Rentals to see the amazing properties we have available!

2 Houses to Rent This Summer

houses to rent

Summertime is right around the corner and that means lazy days at the beach, afternoons under the summer sun, nights spent listening to the waves crash against the shore. Just because you haven’t scheduled your beach vacation doesn’t mean it’s too late! Seaside Rentals has a number of great properties waiting for you!

Legal Ease


  • 5 bedrooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • Gorgeous ocean views
  • Located on North Ocean Boulevard in Surfside Beach, SC
  • Private Pool
  • Ocean-facing covered porches
  • Exterior shower
  • 2 master suites with jacuzzi tubs
  • Pool table
  • 6 TVs

Book a new weekly reservation at Legal Ease for June or July 2016 and receive 20% off! Book a new weekly reservation for August and get 15% off! *Valid for Saturday – Saturday rentals only*

Sand Castle

110 381

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 4.5 bathrooms
  • Private Pool
  • Second row, short walk to beach
  • Brand new bedding, paint, and artwork
  • Exterior shower
  • Master suite with jacuzzi tub

Book Sand Castle for the weeks of June 11th or June 25th and receive 20% off!

Ready to plan your getaway? Contact our helpful staff to get started!

20 Things to Do at the Beach This Summer

Going to the beach for summer vacation is one of America’s greatest pastimes. Myrtle Beach offers a number of great amenities and activities, but there are a few things about going to the beach that are universal, whether you’re visiting Myrtle Beach, Garden City Beach, Surfside Beach, or any other beach along the Grand Strand.

20 things to do at the beach


Here’s everything you should plan to do at the beach on your next vacation:

  1. Walk barefoot in the sand
  2. Get a tan
  3. Swim in the ocean
  4. Collect seashells
  5. Eat some fish
  6. Build a sandcastle
  7. Sleep in late
  8. Make a sand angel
  9. Take a nap on the beach
  10. Go for a beach stroll
  11. Watch the sunrise
  12. Watch the sunset
  13. Walk down the pier
  14. Eat ice cream
  15. Play volleyball
  16. Toss a Frisbee around
  17. Go shopping
  18. Spot a dolphin in the water
  19. Go fishing
  20. Relax!

What are your favorite things to do at the beach? Plan your next beach vacation with Seaside Rentals! We’ll help you find the perfect rental property for your budget!

Top 5 Reasons To Celebrate The Holidays At The Beach



While it doesn’t seem real, 2014 is almost over. The holiday season is fast approaching and that means getting all the family together.  Calls will be placed; messages will be posted trying to choose which “lucky” family member’s home to invade. A lively debate will ensue and pretty soon someone is calling aunt Lisa’s chicken salad, “dry.” The truth is, nobody particularly enjoys the stresses that come with the holidays.

1. No Snow – Imagine waking up on Christmas morning. A fresh coat snow has fallen overnight. The world is a beautiful white wash. Now remember that you have to drive 20 minutes over to grandma’s house. Who is going to shovel? Are you prepared for yet another year of shoveling just to leave the house? If you’ve ever lived where it snows annually then you know that the beauty of fresh snow lasts for a mere moment while the cold, poor road conditions and not so sunny disposition can last all winter. Did we mention the cold? December is freezing north of Virginia.


Defrost is your best friend


Now imagine waking up on Christmas morning.  The sound of crashing waves are echoing off the walls because you chose to leave the door open last night. Oh yeah, and you got the big room.  The best present one can receive is the ability to make everlasting memories  with family. A close second is not having to shovel snow. This holiday season, why not try a new spin on the scenery? A beach house on Christmas morning sure sounds nice.


Bonus: No shovels needed


2. Less Crowded – Summertime and the beach go hand in hand. A time to beat the summer heat by scrambling to find parking, jockeying for a spot on the sand and listening to someone else’s blaring radio. Fortunately, this is not true during the rest of the year. With the sun still gleaming and ocean still roaring,  larger crowds and noise pollution are all but eliminated.  You are free to listen to the sea as it was intended to be heard. During the offseason, far more fully intact shells and sand dollars can be found while combing the area beaches.


Peace on earth


3. More Affordable – If there was ever a time to  celebrate in an oceanfront home for less, this would be that time. Vacation rentals are designed with families in mind to accommodate larger parties. Beat the peak season prices and still get the entire family experience at the beach this year. Discounts, specials and reduced holiday rates are rampant so don’t be afraid to call and ask about any additional offers.


Reduced rates, not views


4. Not Your House – Family in your house is great, right? Just until about hour 14 and you realize housework just tripled this week.  A vacation home not only gets your family out of your place but maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to enjoy yourself too. Nevermind dirtying your own house this year. Tell everyone, “See you all at the beach.”


Same recipes, different kitchen


5. Family Experience – What an amazing time the holidays are. A chance for aunts, grandparents and newborns to all share life moments with one another. How great would it be to watch the little ones run on the sand? These are memories and moments meant to be experienced and shared for a lifetime.  How about a family Christmas photo with everyone and the beach as the backdrop? Now that would make a great Christmas card for next year!


go for the gold
Need we say more?


December marks the end of 2014. Another year has passed; another tide has turned. Did you make time for a vacation  Don’t fret. You can still finish the year strong with a walk on the beach.

Don’t Pack What You Can Easily Rent

Sometimes the act of getting ready to go on vacation creates more stress than you had before you even started making plans! A lot of this stress comes from deciding what to bring and getting it packed and ready to go. Funny how it is that the more members of your family that you have the more stuff you’re going to have to bring along with you – at least that’s the way it’s always been until now.

Don't Pack What You Can More Easily RentTimes have changed and so has Seaside Rentals. Now, you don’t have to bring every little last item along with you in order to have a comfortable vacation. We set our minds to determining what the items are that most people need to have with them on vacation that can be a real hassle to bring along. Then we stocked up on them and have them available to rent to our guests at low cost! It’s incredibly convenient!

The days of trying to cram everything into the back of your car or even just into your suitcases are over. As are the days of just having to do without some things. Now, you can enjoy all the comforts of home right here in your vacation rental when you stay with us.

Don't Pack What You Can More Easily RentThe convenience items we have available consist of gas grills, charcoal grills, baby gear (cribs, highchair, gates, pack ‘n play) and twin size roll-away beds. We have 3 different beach packages for those wanting chairs and an umbrella to be comfortable on the beach. We have adult bikes to rent and Bike & Surf combo’s that combine bikes and beach chairs, too. We offer a full range of sheets of different sizes, pillowcases, and towels for the beach, bath and kitchen. Our sports and beach items consist of boogie boards, canvas beach umbrellas, aluminum beach chair and two different types of golf carts.

Check out our easy ordering process! It is done online using our Equipment Order Form at your convenience. All rental equipment items must be paid for prior to your arrival. Equipment will be delivered to your rental property on your arrival date and will be picked up and inspected the day of your departure. If you have any questions about our equipment rental policies please feel free to give us a call at 866-252-9930.

Beach Quotes, Pictures, and Sayings

The beach is one of those things that’s pretty much universally loved by everyone. I think we can all agree that the beach gives us feelings of peace, serenity, and relaxation. Nothing rejuvenates like a good beach vacation! To get you into the spirit of the beach, here are a few of our favorite beach quotes, pictures, and sayings.

Ain't that the truth!
Ain’t that the truth!
If you have kids, you know this is only too true!
If you have kids, you know this is only too true!
3 of my favorite things!
3 of my favorite things!
Who needs the gym anyway!
Who needs the gym anyway!
Once a beach bum, always a beach bum.
Once a beach bum, always a beach bum.
How I feel every Monday at the office.
How I feel every Monday at the office.
Beach therapy is the best kind of therapy!


Sandy hair, don't care.
Sandy hair, don’t care.
And the best part is, they still fit year after year (unlike a swimsuit).
And the best part is, they still fit year after year (unlike a swimsuit).
Wouldn't you agree?
Wouldn’t you agree?
That's all we really need
That’s all we really need

After seeing these pictures it’s hard not to want to get into the car and drive straight to the beach! If that sounds like you, we have lots of last-minute beach specials to help you get a little more beach in your life. Contact us today!

2 Chances to Win!


Are you ready for a chance to win a vacation? Seaside VIP is excited to run another contest, giving you and your family a free week vacation! Enter our contest for a chance to win a one week stay in Shore Magic. Shore Magic is a newly remodeled oceanfront home in Surfside Beach, South Carolina. Some restrictions apply, click here to enter and view more details about the contest

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Some restrictions apply on both contests, see pages for details.



Benefits of a Beach Vacation


Taking vacations is known to be good for you mental health. We all need to take a break from our everyday lives and jobs once in a while and treat ourselves to a relaxing escape. With the summer season upon us, spending a day soaking up the sun on the beach sounds like a pretty appealing way to spend a vacation. Here are some of our favorite health benefits of a beach vacation:

  1. Improve your mood: Spending time in the sunshine can increase your brain’s production of serotonin, the anti-depressant “feel-good” hormone that your body naturally creates. Also, soaking up some vitamin D can reduce the risk of heart problems.
  2. Get active: Renting a beach house near the ocean provides you with plenty of opportunity to take an invigorating morning run, or a relaxing evening stroll. Running on a sandy surface even tones your legs more than running on pavement! Bring your yoga mat and practice your poses on the patio while the sun rises over the ocean. Allow yourself some freedom to disconnect with your busy life, and reconnect with your body.
  3. Detoxify: The power of the ocean to cleanse and revitalize has been referenced for centuries. It has even been proven that the high levels of iodine, magnesium, and potassium in its salty water can help fight infection, detoxify the body, and replenish skin.

So don’t put it off any longer! There are plenty of reasons to get yourself to the beach, and renting a vacation home allows you to live just as comfortably as you would in your own home. Contact us today to find the perfect getaway home.

Three Steps to a Perfect Beach Vacation

Planning a vacation is exciting, but it can also be a bit stressful. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway for two, or a rowdy family reunion, finding the perfect setting for your trip is an important step. No matter what the occasion, renting a beach house is a great way to get comfortable and relax on your vacation. Our rental homes offer plenty of room to spread out, relax, and have fun! We’re here to make your beach vacation stress free and lots of fun. Here are three steps to planning the perfect beach vacation. 

1.     Book your home: Renting a beach house is the best way to enjoy the Surfside beach area. You will have plenty of space and amenities to do your vacation your way. We’re here to help you find the perfect rental home for your trip, and we have properties of all shapes and sizes! Find which one will be best for you and your family and set your dates.

2.     Plan your activities: Once you have your home base established, browse the local events calendars and find a few outings you’d like to try. Shopping at Barefoot Landing and a round at Azalea Sands Golf Club are great activities to get out and try. There are tons of bars and restaurants in the area if you’re interested in a night out. We recommend grabbing a few groceries on your way into town so you can make use of your rental’s fully equipped kitchen. Have a cook out and family game night on the patio.

3.     Relax: The final and favorite step is just that easy – relax! Once you’ve found your rental home and scoped out the beach scene, you’re ready for a great vacation. All that’s left to do is mark your calendar, set your out of office memo, and let the vacation spirit take over.

So don’t over think it! There is no wrong way to vacation, but we’re confident that staying at one of our beach homes is the right choice for you.

Myrtle Beach – Great Destination, Low Air Fares

Myrtle Beach International airport has recently reported that it has successfully surpassed the previous year's traffic record by almost 30,000 passengers.  That's quite a record for an airport of its size and nature.  Myrtle Beach International airport as it stand is only two stories with one terminal.  It's a refreshing site when coming from larger airports such as Charlotte, NC or Pittsburgh PA.  No worries about getting lost, that's for sure.  If you've never visited our airport, take a look at some great deals we've found for you via and come join us at the beach!






$198 RT

Akron, OH (CAK)

No min. stay (US Airways) See all details»

$110 RT

Allentown, PA (ABE)

No min. stay. Nonstop flights. One-way for half the roundtrip fare (Allegiant) See all details»

$38 RT

Atlantic City, NJ (ACY)

Spirit $9 Fare Club only; Non-stop flights (Spirit Airlines) See all details»

$198 RT

Bangor, ME (BGR)

No min. stay (US Airways) See all details»

$198 RT

Baton Rouge, LA (BTR)

No min. stay (US Airways) See all details»

$38 RT

Boston, MA (BOS)

Spirit $9 Fare Club only; Non-stop flights (Spirit Airlines) See all details»

$198 RT

Burlington, VT (BTV)

No min. stay (US Airways) See all details»

$22 RT

Charleston, WV (CRW)

Nonstop flights (Spirit Airlines) See all details»

$198 RT

Charleston, SC (CHS)

No min. stay (US Airways) See all details»

$198 RT

Charleston, WV (CRW)

No min. stay (US Airways) See all details»