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What to Think About When Planning a Spring Break Beach Vacation

Spring is just a few weeks away and soon tourists will flock to the beach to soak up the sun and relax by the ocean. So, if you’re ready to escape winter and wanting to spend your spring break in Myrtle Beach, it’s time to start planning! Here’s what to think about when planning a Spring Break beach vacation.

Who’s going?

You’ll want a set number of who will be joining you on the trip because this is essential to deciding where to stay. If you’re joined by just a few friends, a hotel room might suffice. However, if you’re going with a larger group a beach rental is the best option. Additionally, with a large group you’ll want to check to see if everyone is comfortable sharing a room or if some in your group would prefer their own room.

Pro tip: use our advanced search option to view rentals around Myrtle Beach, SC with the exact number of bedrooms you need.

Are you bringing your pets?

If you have pets, you may be considering bringing them with you. This could be fun, but it could also end up making you have to alter your plans. For example, your dog won’t be able to stay alone for long which means you’ll either have to enjoy only the activities that your dog can enjoy too or you’ll have to plan your day around going back to your rental to walk and play with your dog.

Pro tip: if you decide to take your dog with you, use our search by amenities option to view pet-friendly rentals near Myrtle Beach.

Will you be driving or flying?

If you’re flying, you may prefer to save on the cost of a rental car by staying in a central location that will allow you to walk to nearby activities, restaurants and shops. If you’re driving, this can offer you more options as far as location and ultimately, by not being in the town’s central hotspot, you can save a small amount of money on your rental or hotel.

Do you want to save money by staying somewhere off the beach or are you comfortable with splurging in order to be oceanfront?

You can truly save a good amount of money by staying in a rental that’s just off of the beach, so if you’re trying to plan a Myrtle Beach spring break vacation on a budget this is your best option. If you’re not concerned with your budget and are more concerned with spending spring break with the ocean just outside your backdoor, spend a little extra for an oceanfront rental.

Pro tip: you can use our advanced search option to find rentals that are located oceanfront as well as those that are a few rows away, but still just a walk to the beach.

These are just a few of the of the top things to consider when planning a spring break vacation, but the number one priority is simply planning early! Waiting until the last minute will leave you stressed and paying far more for far less.
If you’re struggling to decide which beach rental home is right for you or if you’re trying to decide if a beach rental is even best for you, give us a call at:843.839.0099

Feature Friday Beach House Rental: Fore Shore

If you’re planning your summer vacation to coastal South Carolina and hoping to save money in the process, you’ll want to take a close look at our Feature Friday Beach House rental Fore Shore. This beautiful beach house is a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, pet-free home on South Ocean Boulevard in Surfside Beach.

Feature Friday Beach House: Fore Shore
This vacation rental home will comfortably accommodate up to 14 people with an assortment of full and queen beds and sofa beds as well as a bunk bed. With two bedrooms on the first level and three more upstairs, you’ll have your choice of where you sleep. It makes it just perfect for those challenged by stairs.

This home is just steps from the beach and offers features such as being professionally decorated and nicely furnished, six TVs, VCR, and Playstation. The interior amenities include a washer/dryer, heat and central a/c, iron and ironing board.

Feature Friday Beach House: Fore Shore
Exterior features include a professionally maintained private swimming pool, porches on the first and second level offering gorgeous ocean views, charcoal grilling station, outside shower, four parking spaces and professionally landscaped grounds.

When comes to savings on vacation rentals check out what this beach house has to offer you through the end of the year:

May 2, 2015 Weekly Arrival: Now $1600
May 9, 2015 Weekly Arrival: Now $2800
May 16, and 23, 2015 Weekly Arrival: Now $1800
June 6, 2015 Weekly Arrival: Now $3000
June 13, and 20, 2015 Weekly Arrival: Now $3400
June 27, 2015 Weekly Arrival: Now $3500
July 4, 18, and 25, 2015 Weekly Arrival: Now $3980
August 1, 2015 Weekly Arrival: Now $3490
August 8, 2015 Weekly Arrival: Now $2500
August 15, 2015 Weekly Arrival: Now $2000
August 29, 2015 Weekly Arrival: Now $1580
September 5, 2015 Weekly Arrival: Now $1580
September 12, and 19, 2015 Weekly Arrival: Now $1900
September 26, 2015 Weekly Arrival: Now $2800
October 10, – December 31, 2015 Weekly Arrival: Now $1900
*Specials Apply to NEW Full Week Reservations Only and Excludes Holidays

If you have any questions about this property or others please give us a call at 866-252-9930 and we’d be happy to help you.

Renting a Beach Home vs. a Hotel Room

When you’re traveling to vacation destinations like Surfside and Garden City Beaches, there are plenty of options for lodging and entertainment. If you really want to enjoy a relaxing vacation, consider the advantages of renting a beach house rather than staying in a hotel. If you are traveling with family, or planning to stay for more than a few days, a rental home is definitely the way to go. Our rental properties give you and your guests the space and amenities to spread out and make the most of your vacation. Tensions can run high in cramped hotel room, so why not give the family room to have fun! Our rental homes have anywhere from 2 – 10 bedrooms, and offer sleeping accommodations for large groups. Sharing a beach rental with extended family or friends is a great way to bond and make memories, all while sharing the affordable cost of the home!

Having separate bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and comfortable living spaces and recreational areas make these properties feel like a home away from home. A 7 – 10 day vacation will fly by at one of our Seaside Rentals. Looking to stay longer than that? We offer long term rentals as well, which are great options if you want to spend a whole season at the beach. Invite friends and family in for the weekend and entertain on your private patio. What wouldn’t be possible in a hotel room is made easy on one of our rental homes.

Our properties also offer a wealth of amenities that will help to make your beach vacation a fun, relaxing time. Family dinners are easy and inexpensive with our fully equipped kitchens, grills, and wet bar areas. Book yourself a fishing charter and bring your catch home to put on the grill! Additions like TV and DVD players, pool tables, exterior hot tubs, and in ground pools also make for no-cost entertainment. Make a grocery trip upon arrival, bring a board game or deck of cards, and you should be content enough to spend most of your trip at your beach front rental! Imagine bringing the comforts of home with you to a fabulous beach location. Make this summer one to remember and start planning your trip today!