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Bay Tree Golf Plantation-Gold Course, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29566

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North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29566


Website: www.baytreegolfplantation.com


Bay Tree Golf Plantation - Gold Course – In 1977 the Gold Course at Bay Tree Golf Plantation, with its slightly rolling terrain and tree-lined fairways, gained national attention as host of the LPGA Championship with NBC broadcasting the play of the world's top lady professionals. In 1999 it was selected the Myrtle Beach Golf Course of the Year. After that recognition it went steadily downhill, but they renovated their greens, which was a big help. Golfers should be aware that virtually all of the courses along the low-lying Highway 9 corridor have problems with “soggy” conditions and “cart paths only” are almost the norm.

Bay Tree Golf Plantation is beginning its 30th season of hosting golfers from all over the world. Throughout its history this 54-hole complex has devoted itself to providing the finest golfing experience available in the Carolinas.

Designed by one of Golf Digest's top ten ranked American golf course architects, George Fazio, Bay Tree has set the standard for other courses on the Grand Strand to follow. All three of Bay Tree's courses were carved from scenic low-country forests.

George Fazio was extremely pleased with the green and bunker complexes he created. The overall quality of the courses was quickly recognized, and by 1975 the PGA had selected Bay Tree as the site of that year's final stage of tour qualifying. The PGA liked these challenging, but fair, courses so well that they returned in 1976. Craig Stadler, Bruce Lietzke, Calvin Peete and Bob Shearer are just a few of the professional stars who got their start on the PGA Tour at Bay Tree.

Recently Bay Tree started an aggressive renovation program. Greens on all three courses have been rebuilt to modern USGA specifications, tee boxes have been added to all three courses to accommodate seniors, and bunkering and irrigation throughout the entire complex has been updated. The clubhouse with its panoramic 270 degree view of the golf courses now contains one of the finest collections of golfing memorabilia in the Southeast.

These changes will ensure that Bay Tree will be able to maintain its position as a leader in golf course conditioning and playability.

Bay Tree Plantation
TravelGolf.com Staff

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. - So many golf courses have been built in Myrtle Beach over the past decade, sometimes it's a good idea to stop and take stock of the older venues that laid the ground work for the Grand Strand to emerge as the modern "Golf Capital" of the world.

Bay Tree Plantation opened in 1972, and paved the way for modern, multi course facilities like the Legends, Wild Wing, Myrtle Beach National, Sea Trail, Barefoot Resort and Ocean Ridge Plantation.

Opening two, three, or even four courses simultaneously today at the beach won't raise too many eyebrows. But 30 years ago, Bay Tree head professional Tracy Connor says the courses' owners were looked upon as mavericks.

"People were like, 'are they crazy, and why are they building three courses in the middle of nowhere,' " Connor says. "We were the first golf course anywhere in the world that opened three golf courses at the same time. And now our location, that used to be in the middle of nowhere, it very convenient for golfers."

Bay Tree Plantation is located off S.C. Highway 9 in North Myrtle Beach, and is home to three exquisite George Fazio/Russell Breeden designed golf courses. The Green Course is commonly referred to as the "Green Monster" and hosts a variety of professional golfing events.

The Silver Course was remodeled in 1995, and is a favorite among members, locals, and the ladies, who felt strongly enough to vote it as one of the most women friendly tracks in the country.

The Gold Course is the most popular overall, and has yet to undergo any major renovations, but is slated for some major improvements in the near future.

With over 110 courses ranging from high end surcharge to low end muni's, every course in Myrtle Beach has to have some kind of hook or niche to establish itself on the golf scene. A variety of elements have come together to make Bay Tree the timeless facility that it is today.

The facility still boasts its original owners - a rarity in a region where courses change hands like Brittany Spears changes outfits. And having three courses in operation at once offers Bay Tree more flexibility with tournaments and routine maintenance.

The Dunes Club, TPC of Myrtle Beach, and Wachesaw Plantation East may have received more publicity in recent years over the professional golfing events they hosted, but Bay Tree is the granddaddy of them all when it comes to attracting big name tournaments.
"We have hosted a PGA, LPGA and USGA events in our history," Connor says. "We currently host the largest college tournament in the country and the largest high school tournament in the country. We host the Hooters Tour stop here. We feel like we do tournaments and events very well. We are able to do it because we have the three courses and can maintain public play while it's going on."

In a show of appreciation for its dedication to conditioning, service, and community impact, Bay Tree was voted Myrtle Beach's "Course of the Year" in 1999 by the Golf Course Owners Association. Connor says the award came as a pleasant surprise, but that Bay Tree's philosophy has always been to operate in the best interest of the area.

"Our goal here since day one has been to get people to come back to Myrtle Beach," Connor says. "We know that people will enjoy Bay Tree, but we are not under any illusions that this is the only course that people want to play. Our mission statement involves getting people back to this area."

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