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Pawleys Island Beach, South Carolina

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Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Website: http://www.townofpawleysisland.com/


Step into Pawleys Island and step back to a simpler, quieter time. With an atmosphere that reflects its nearly 300-year history, this idyllic South Carolina treasure is the perfect location for a relaxing family respite. You can take your time and enjoy the simple elegance of the centuries-old homes that adorn the island, or stroll along the waterway and marvel at the beauty of nature. The ambience of the island washes over you like a cool breeze, until you'll feel as if you never want to move. When you do feel like moving , there are an abundance of activities available. Surrounding Pawleys are some of the Southeast's finest golf courses, shops and restaurants. If you prefer to catch your own seafood, surf-fishing, deep-sea fishing, crabbing and shrimping available. If you can ever force yourself to leave, you'll have had an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Pawleys Island claims to be the oldest resort area in America. Whether or not that's true, early vacationers were distinguished. South Carolina Lowcountry was home to the most affluent planters on the continent. They didn't grow tobacco, or even cotton. Rice and indigo (used for a blue dye) were the crops of choice. To escape the heat and malaria of their mainland plantations, the rice royalty moved their families to cottages on Pawleys Island for the summer.

Remarkably, some of the cottages are still in use. Nine of them comprise the Pawleys Island "Historic District". The rest of the narrow island barely keeps some 600 houses (no stores) out of the water. They're used, just as in the planters' days, mostly by summer dwellers. 

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