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Sandy Island, South Carolina

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Sandy Island, South Carolina


People of Sandy Island are proud of their heritage and to this day they have strived to maintain their culture. Sandy Island is located between the Pee Dee and the Waccamaw Rivers along the Intracoastal Waterway. In the 1800's, Sandy Island was the site of several active rice plantations and many of the islanders living there today are proud descendants of African slaves who worked on the plantations.

An air of mystery surrounds this island because people who live there like it that way. There is no bridge to Sandy Island and when developers talked of building one, residents of the island stood firm to oppose a bridge and development.

Since then, Sandy Island has become a Nature Conservancy, and Lowcountry people who care about preservation are delighted that this island and its people have been protected from modern day intrusion.

People of Sandy Island are known to be hardworking and dependable folks. Their island of 30,000 acres is reachable only by private boat, and the residents who work along the coast motorboat daily on the river through rain or shine to get to work. However, the school children have a ferry that takes them to the mainland to attend school.

Large oak trees with Spanish moss, plus other beautiful natural greenery cover the island which sits high on a sandy hill - thus the name, Sandy Island. The rice fields are grown over now, but customs and beliefs of the loyal people who live there remain strong, true and resolute. 

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