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Why choose Seaside Rentals over another Property Management Company?

Seaside Rentals is leading the way to “A New Generation of Vacation Superiority.” We make owning a vacation home stress-free and enjoyable. We are proud to say that we have led the way for 12 years showing our homeowners how to own and maintain successful rental properties.

As a member of one of the most successful Property Management programs on the southern strand you can count on Seaside Rentals to lead the way to introduce you to a host of both tried and true and innovative, new features that will ensure owning a vacation home is easier and more profitable than ever!

We make max income for our homeowners on our vacation rental management program with home rentals in Surfside Beach, Myrtle Beach and Garden City, SC.

Our excellent staff strives for clear communication, superb maintenance/housekeeping and maximum rental income from your investment. We focus on building a one on one relationship with our homeowners and by taking this approach we have found that we are able to meet our Owner’s expectations.

Free Rental Projections on your Vacation Home! Contact us today for more information: 866-252-9930 or email us at

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