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"Beach Safety Tips" from Seaside Rentals

When the sun is out and the temperature of the water rises, expect to see more people on our beaches. At Surfside Beach and Garden City Beach, we see more than 200 sunny days and moderate climate, making for our shores to be some of the most frequented along the Grand Strand.

Because of the excitement that comes with the weather and the increase in the number of visitors at the beach, it’s important to have standards of procedure that will ensure that you have the best, and most safe, experience while visiting the Myrtle Beach area. While there are codes of conduct for nearly every scenario of your visit to the beach, ranging from highway rules, check-in processes and so much more, handling nature’s most unpredictable element should come with a few tips of its own.

Before you go out into the water and have a day in the never ending Atlantic Ocean, consider a few beach safety tips that will allow you to enjoy your time on the beach in the safest manner possible. We’ve provided eight that are easy to understand by all ages and puts you at ease while you lay out and catch some sun!

1.) Learn to Swim - The idea that you swim when you’re born is cool but if you haven’t practiced since you were a newbie than perhaps it would be wise to test your skills before trying to take on an entire ocean. Swimming in the ocean is different from being in a pool as there is a lot of activity happening. It is best to take lessons at your local YMCA or even at a college or university where there is a pool and a certified lifeguard is there to show you the ropes!

2.) Swim with a friend! - Going out into the water is fun but it’s even better when you’re with friends! If you plan to explore beyond the shoreline, take a friend with you and have a buddy system that will allow you to account for one another in the event that a person needs help. If you ever found yourself in a predicament, the buddy system is most effective in any life-saving ventures.

3.) Have a lifeguard in sight - Rule of thumb: when out in the water, give a thumb’s up sign. If the people are smaller than your thumb when you hold up your hand, you are too far out. Even the most experienced swimmers still need to keep in sight of a lifeguard. If there is no lifeguard on the beach, apply tip #2 .

4.) Wear Sunscreen & Drink Water - While everyone needs to soak in some sun, it is still necessary to protect yourself. If you plan to be in the open space of the beach for an extended amount of time, apply a broad spectrum protectant with a range of SPF 15 to 60. Also, be sure to drink water as summers on the Grand Strand have incited several cases of heat exhaustion. Its best to be safe and hydrated for the best experience!

5.) Shark sightings - There are few cases of shark sightings that occur in the waters near the Myrtle Beach area but it’s better to be safe than be bitten! Seriously, if a shark is sighted its best to remain as calm as possible. Frantic action can cause them to react in defense. Also, this is another great time to have a buddy as you can assist each other to reach the shore’s quickly without provoking the shark.

 6.) Learning Rip Current Safety - A rip current is formed by surf and gravity, the push and pull of the water which can catch a person and pull them under. The USLA (United States Lifesaving Association) shares that nearly 80% of lifesaving attempts at the beach are due to swimmers trapped in the current. If you feel yourself being caught in a rip current, swim parallel to shore until you feel a break in the current then swim to shore.

7.) Keep Your Eye Out for Signs - Just as if you were driving along a street and watching for signs and traffic is the same when you’re on the beach. The regulations for Surfside may be different from that of Garden City and so forth and so on. Make sure you take heed of all signs posted on the dunes so that you are in compliance with the rules of the beach you plan to visit.

8.) Do your part in keeping the beach clean - Having a safe experience happens on shore just as much as it does in the water. Picking up any litter, particularly glass, helps to protect people from cutting themselves and creating risks for infection. Also, the less trash in our oceans, the better our water supply, the healthier the animals and the happier our earth!

We at Seaside Rentals are glad to know that you take your time at the beach seriously and we want you to have fun while you’re here! Share these tips with others and post on the refrigerator of your rental so that you always have a beach safety check-list in mind before heading out into the water. Vacationing on the beach is so much more enjoyable when you are aware and prepared! 

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